“We are excited and pleased to welcome Sharon Taylor to our family of donors.  Through the Vickie Lynn  Tucker Fund, Sharon is turning a life tragedy into future hope for children who come to Shriners Hospitals for the care they need to lead fuller, more productive lives.”


 -  David L. Mize, Executive Director, Kansas Shrine Bowl



Making A Difference In Building Community



How much of a difference can one person make in a community?  Sharon Taylor’s answer is, “All the difference in the world.”


Sharon need only look to the shining example of her sister, Vickie Lynn Tucker, to know this is true.  Vickie made a lasting, positive mark on each of the lives she touched – her family and friends, co-workers and customers, fellow church members, Sunday school students.  And the list continues.  Undoubtedly, Vickie would have made a remarkable difference in the lives of many others.  She had all the qualities to do so.  Tragically, Vickie’s life was cut short by cancer.  She was only 20.


Honoring Her Sister’s Legacy

Today, inspired by her sister’s strength, courage, and conviction, as well as by Vickie’s selfless disposition, Sharon pays tribute to her sister’s caring sense of community and her legacy of love and giving through a charitable fund she established in Vickie’s name.  Sharon donates a percentage of her commission income, on behalf of her clients, to the Vickie Lynn Tucker Fund.  Then, annually, every accumulated dollar is donated to the Shrine Bowl of Kansas benefiting Shriners Hospitals for Children.


Giving Back From Her Heart

For Sharon, donating to the Shrine Bowl of Kansas was a natural choice.  The Shriners stepped up to help her family during Vickie’s illness by raising money for medical bills and for airfare to the Mayo Clinic, where Vickie traveled monthly for chemotherapy.  Therefore Sharon always wanted to give back to the Shriners.  It was while watching the 2006 Charity All-Star Game that she realized the way to do it.


You see, her entire family loves football, and her sons participate in the sport.  Therefore Sharon knows what it takes to play the game and has ultimate respect for the discipline, training, and dedication of the All-Star athletes.  They are the best of the best.  When they play, they give their all, just as Vickie gave her all – defying her illness with an unsinkable spunk and a resolute zest for living.   And, what’s more, these players are not only star athletes.  They are also good citizens in their communities.   And so, Sharon Taylor gratefully gives to the Shrine Bowl of Kansas in her sister’s name, and from the bottom of her heart.


 As a lifelong Wichita resident, Sharon Taylor is a hometown Realtor® with a strong commitment to family and community.  Building community is an integral part of the way she does business.  Giving back to her community is the way Sharon lives her life and honors her sister’s memory.  All because she knows without a doubt that, when it comes to building community, one person can make a world of difference.